Vacationing and Fishing on Anticosti Island
The ideal way to discover Anticosti Island in the summer is to book a vacation offered by Sepaq. There are packages of three, four or seven day stays. They include lodging in a cabin at the edge of the sea, or a seashore lodge, a 4x4 crew cab truck with radio communication and unlimited mileage, as well as air transportation from Mont-Joli, Quebec, or Montréal. The flights will be every Friday and Monday, from June 28 to August 19, 2013. Campgrounds are also offered, on the same basis. The photographs on these galleries were taken at the end of July, 2008, during a two week vacation on Anticosti Island. From sunrise to sunset, Anticosti Island generously displays its abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery
. Here is a glimpse of a paradise...
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