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Rene Bourque
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More than thirty seasons on Anticosti Island
An image is worth a thousand words

As a head guide on Anticosti Island for more than thirty years, an adviser for hunting, fishing and summer vacationing for Sepaq Anticosti, and an enthusiastic photographer, I am the privileged witness of many original scenes and moments, some of which are presented to you on this web site.

My love affair with Anticosti Island began in July 1974, when the government of Quebec bought the island from the Consolated Bathurst. I was engaged as a hunting guide in the Mcdonald sector. Being an outdoorsman at heart and having originated from the Saguenay area, I immediately felt like "a fish in water" when faced with such a faunal paradise. Working as a guide on Anticosti seemed the most beautiful job in the world and I will always believe it is true.

Promoted to head guide at the Carleton lodge in 1978, I worked there for five seasons, then returned to Mcdonald for summer vacationing, trout fishing, and deer hunting. I then moved to Jupiter 30 and guided for salmon fishing and hunting for several years.

Since 1994, from the end of every September to mid-December, I have been the head guide at Jupiter 12, Sepaq's most highly regarded territory. I have had the pleasure of guiding people from all over the world at Jupiter 12. Lots of these people have become life long friends and repeat customers. They, like me, fell under Anticosti's spell.

For the remainder of the year, I work at Sepaq’s home office as a sales and reservation specialist in Quebec City. I also attend hunting and fishing shows in New England, Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto as a representative for Sepaq Anticosti. It allows me the pleasure of talking with other outdoor enthusiasts.

All these years of guiding on Anticosti Island, including many visits on my own for fishing and summer vacationing, give me an expertise that is very useful in my work advising clients on hunting, fishing and holiday matters. I enjoy sharing my fascination of Anticosti with new people. I would be very happy to advise you about a stay on Anticosti Island. Do not hesitate to contact me .

Rene Bourque




The first version of appeared on line in September 2007 with around 500 photos. Since then, many photo galleries geared toward fishing and hunting seasons have been added. In January 2013, this virtual tour of Anticosti Island now offers you approximately 3500 original photos of this outdoor paradise.

For an overview of all 25 photo galleries, click on the title «  Photo Galleries Index » on the opening page of my web site. You will see a scrolling menu with all the galleries listed in alphabetical order. I had been using a  homemade  HTML setup for the 2007 and 2008 galleries. This system allowed me more flexibility and space to write some text for the visitors, and for search engine optimization. I want to thank my friend Mark Cote from Maine, for his precious help correcting my "less than perfect" English and his suggestions.

Since January 2013, there is an iPad-iPhone-Mobile version of this web site. Just choose either the Flash Galleries or the iPad options, on the top right corner of the opening page. The saying "An image is worth a thousand words"  applies to many of my new pictures. I apologize for not being able to add text on all the photos.

Over the years, has become a major reference on the web when people search for Anticosti, and this is partly because of you, my dear visitors. Thanks for visiting my web site regularly and forwarding the address to your friends and relatives.

If you'd like to share photos of your last trip to the island, I would be pleased to look at them and possibly add them to a gallery. I like to show different sectors of the island, knowing that most of my pictures are from the Jupiter 12 area. The photo size should be a minimum of 1 mg. Your name will appear on the photo and the copyright will be respected.

I hope you have found this virtual tour appealing, giving you the desire to discover the biggest island of the province of Quebec for yourself. The world of Anticosti is waiting for you!